Frequently Asked Questions

KomplaintBox is an independent platform run by banking experts where customers of banks and financial institutions can get their complaints resolved

KomplaintBox is led by a team of banking professionals who come with more than 80 years of operational experience in the Banking Industry and have handled many such similar cases in the past including collaboration with Ombudsperson of RBI

We handle cases across banking spectrum. Typical cases would be as follows:

  • Failure / Delay in providing a banking facility promised in writing by a bank or its direct selling agents
  • Levying of charges without adequate prior notice
  • Wrong levying of charges
  • Nonadherence to the fair practices code as adopted by the bank
  • Mis-selling of products by the banks which may be unsuitable to the customer’s situation
  • Non-payment or inordinate delay in the payment or collection of cheques, drafts, bills etc
  • Inadequate or wrong advisory services provided by the bank leading pecuniary loss for the customer

  • One can file a complaint with using the “submit complaint” button in KomplaintBox
  • In the website there is a section for filing a complaint.
  • The customer (complainant) can give a gist of the complaint based on a simple template provided in the website.
  • There will be a capability for the complainant to share digital copies of documents in support of the complaint.
You can also file a complaint through :

Yes, we can. In this case the complainant will have to provide us with a letter of authority to deal with the concerned Bank

  • Yes. We are an independent platform with the objective to protect the interest of the customer and get their complaints resolved.
  • We collect two types of fees.
  • A registration fee of Rs 500 plus GST as applicable
  • An advisory fee depending on the complexity of the case.
  • In case we are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, we will refund the advisory fees.

  • We work with a Turnaround Time from 10 to 30 days depending on the complexity.
  • As there are multiple levels within a bank who review the complaint, we will make all efforts to maintain the agreed TAT by effective communication.
  • In case we are not happy with the resolution provided by the bank, we may approach the Banking Ombudsman for a resolution.
  • The timeline for resolution by Ombudsman is not included above. We will communicate the process when the case reaches the Bank / RBI Ombudsperson

  • Normally the complaint is raised with the concerned branch.
  • Thereafter the escalation points are the Regional Nodal officer and the Principal Nodal officer of the concerned Bank.

  • Based on the complexity of the problem our banking experts will suggest the best possible way to resolve the complaint.
  • They will help draft a comprehensive complaint including all the relevant details, which makes the case compelling.
  • The complaint to the Bank will also include all the relevant sections of various rules which may have been overlooked by the Bank. This way the complaint can be resolved quickly


  • Good drafting is required to put across the complaint effectively with all the required details.
  • This also helps the banks and financial institutions in quickly resolving the matter.
  • Our knowledge of various banking regulations and banking operations helps us to reach a collaborative conclusion in the least possible time.
  • A good complaint letter is an effective tool towards faster resolution of issues.

  • You can go to "My complaints" option which you can see on the top section of the website.
  • You will also receive notification from us whenever the status of the application changes or whenever we need to contact you
  • You can also always reach out to, in case you have any questions.

Yes, most banks have grievance redressal mechanisms to address your complaints. If our assistance is not required, you have the option to reach out to them directly.
Links to the grievance redressal of major banks -

  • All banks have a complaint redressal mechanism. However, in most cases due to the lack of knowledge on part of the customer or poor representation of the case, the bank is unable to resolve the complaint quickly.
  • We guide and represent your complaint effectively with the concerned bank and interact with the bank to get a satisfactory resolution to your complaint.