Scope of our services include :

  • Our banking expert analysing your problem and drafting your complaint letter
  • Identifying the right approach to solve the problem
  • Representing your case to the bank with all the necessary information required for the bank
  • Sending you - timely updates on the status of your complaint by SMS/Email
  • Providing answers to your banking queries

Payment Flow


Customer completes all necessary information and submits the complaint to KomplaintBox


Customer will be directed to the payment gateway for payment of Registration Fees(This is non-refundable)


KomplaintBox will assess the complaint and take a decision on action.


After assessment, KomplaintBox will advise the customer of the indicative Advisory Fees


KomplaintBox shares a payment link with the customer for payment of Advisory Fees (Refundable in case of non-resolution)


KomplaintBox will prepare the necessary documentation and initiate the resolution process with the concerned Bank


Customer receives resolution from the Bank


In case KomplaintBox is unable to obtain a resolution, the Advisory Fees will be refunded to the customer

Note :

  • Registration Fees is non-refundable
  • Advisory fees is refundable in case of non-resolution

  • To carry out the above activities we charge nominal fees as given below :

    Registration Fees INR 500 + GST
    Advisory Fees Decided on a case-to-case basis depending on the complexity